Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

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The Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program

Ford shoppers find the Ford certified pre-owned models worth a second look. These models come with a multi-point inspection and a warranty, making them preferable for buyers looking for some guarantees. Anyone looking to sell a vehicle that fits the Ford CPO requirements might get a good deal.

There's more news for sellers. Ford launched a unique version of the traditional Ford CPO program and dubbed the "Ford Blue Advantage." There are two different certifications available, meaning there are two different sets of qualifiers.

"Gold Certified" models present 80,000 miles or less, and their age cap is six years or less. "Blue Certified" vehicles must be 10 years old or newer and have 120,000 miles or less on the odometer. The extended age and mileage requirements open doors for more sellers to take advantage of the program.