2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid: The Next Generation

The next generation in affordable crossover vehicles has now arrived with the latest edition of the Ford C-Max. Based on the Ford Focus, the 2017 Ford C-Max comes with a multitude of new features, including all wheel drive for inclement weather, and CD player and USB connectivity to enjoy your favorite tunes during your everyday drive. What separates the 2017 Ford C-Max from other compact vehicles and crossovers is its ability mix power, style, and spaciousness in an unconventional packaging. Up to five passengers can sit comfortably for extended trips, while still allowing nearly 40 miles per gallon. With the development of the 2017 Ford C-Max, safety has taken a backseat to nothing, as the all-wheel-drive system, outstanding anti-lock breaking, and 911 Assist allow for each passenger to feel completely at ease during travel. If you are searching for a next generation vehicle that far surpasses anything seen in past editions, please visit our showroom today for a test-drive.
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