Prepare your car for Pennsylvania Winters

The winter season has officially begun here in Pennsylvania and Robin Ford wants to make sure that drivers in and around Glenolden are able to drive safely and without a hitch this year.


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We've put together a few winter car care ideas for you in order to help you navigate tricky conditions like a pro. Some places to start include making sure your engine's oil is fresh and clean, checking on your antifreeze and wiper fluid levels and replenishing them if they are low and inspecting your tires. Your tires can often lose pressure in colder weather, so keeping an eye on pressure levels is also very important. If you need to install new tires, rotate your tires or install snow tires, our team of expert technicians can happily take care of that for you. We're also here to service your vehicle in any way, perform any maintenance and make any necessary repairs so you can hit the road without a worry.

Put your safety first this season by preparing your car for the winter weather ahead. Call us, schedule online or give us a call whenever you have some free time and we'll get right to work.


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